The Education Ministry
The infiltration of stoic and epicurean philosophies into our educational systems today have pushed the Episcopal synod of the mission to establish educational institutions aimed at providing sound education based on God’s principles. The education ministry embodies the training and educating units of the Living word and life mission international. Equipping and training gifted men and women for effective services in the lord’s vineyard and professionals, for the ready job markets. This ministry is being governed by an educational council directly answerable to the National Apostolic Synod (NAS). This council runs and controls four institutions viz:
- Living word bilingual nursery and primary school more..
- Living word secondary and high school
- Living word prophetic school of ministry more..
- Living word Seminary and university more..
Learning Centres
Contact Person:
Pastor Mansfied Ayok (tel:678415483)
Contact Person:
Rev. Akongnwi Solomon (tel:677219643)
Our education partners
- The Saint Peter & Saint Paul Lutheran Institute, Belgium. more..
- American mission teams more..