Welfare and Humanitarian Ministry
Before our lord Jesus Christ left for heaven after his earthly ministry, he taught the church to extend his compassionate grace to those suffering and rejected by the society, the under privileged, orphans and the disabled persons. He showed a practical example in Mark gospel, chapter 1 : 40-42, a scenario where he extended his compassionate grace to an outcast. We strongly believe everybody on earth has some potentials that should be stirred and developed for usage in order to make our world a safe and better place for everyone.
This ministry for some time has been doing a lot of ground work, in order to change many lives and give hope to the rejected. We have been caring for and supporting disabled persons, the poor, less privileged, the rejected and the voiceless in our society, taking them from nothing to something, from nowhere to somewhere, transforming lives and putting smiles on their faces. Presently, we have a mini dormitory in the mission headquarters with four orphans who are in school under our sponsorship.
The disabled needs social and economic inclusion and an accessible society, we are there for that, to fight against social injustice and stand for the rights of these rejected ones. We are gradually realising this objective through orientation, seminars, training and workshops in order to give the disabled a career and a trade so that they too can be useful in our society and included socially. We need your support to realise such huge dreams. You can donate using the account information below:

The office of the Director
Apostle Dr. William NEBA
P.O Box 11598 Douala
Phone, cell: 674 93 57 05 / 233 39 07 71
The office of the presiding / founding Primate :
His Eminence, Most Revd Prof. Noah E. BAIYETAMBI
Our Official Emails:
mission@livingwordandlifemissioninternational.com church@livingwordandlifemissioninternational.com
Bank account: 00213014492-46
Bank Name: Oceanic Bank
Account Name: Living Word and Life Mission International